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Our Strategic Approach
We urge broad based  livelihood promotion. putting four strategic directions to address in  reducing risk  and vulnerability

To Provide as a catalyst for efforts to support people in areas facing repeated disasters or Vulnerabilities
• Prepare for, plan to withstand and recover from stresses, shocks & drudgery
• Take in hand root causes of degradations & disasters , impacts and vulnerabilities with lasting solutions
Adaptive Action Research ,entrepreneurships and Innovation focused on the challenges and opportunities

• Private–Public-Partnership through networking
• Agro ecological development & adaptation to climate change and livelihood resilience
• Capacity Building and Advocacy
• Creating enabling environment for Micro-macro linkages

We propose to promote Executive Cadre Development professionals, bare foot technicians to carry forward contextual development information and help support to translate into action for insulating complementary development attitude for right based approach. UDYAMA also feels to demystify the development action for a lasting solution.

Our Principles

  • Active people’s participation.

  • Awareness generation on resource management, utulization and environment protection

  • Empowerment of women.

  • Building /strengthening people’s organizations.

  • Strengthening Relationship with Panchayati Raj institutions.

  • Establishment of effective networking.

  • Liasioning & advocacy with Potential stakeholders


  • Udyama strives for four strategic directions to accelerate livelihood diversification and vulnerability reduction:

  • Private-Public -Partnership with various like-minded institutions/organizations for specific themes

  • Institution Building & Process Development through social and economic empowerment

  • Facilitating enabling environment for risk reduction and livelihood promotion

  • Program diversity with value based assurance and insurance.....Know More

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