Awards & Accolades:

2006- Best NGO Award for Rural Reconstruction & Environment 
2008- Participation Award for the year of International Year of sanitation
2009- best Social organization 
2009- Accreditation UNGLOBAL COMPACT 
2010- best organisation in social service 
2010- Utkal Gourav award - Sishu Samaj
2010- Appreciation from Gujarat Ecological Commission
2011- Accreditation from UNECOSOC
2011- Partnership Award from GWP
2012- UNISDRR Endorsement 
2012- Accreditation from UNCONGO

2012- the e-ngo award from DEF
2012- award for say no drugs campaign
2012- Member to WSSCCC
2013 Accredited to UNCCD
2013- Accredited to UNFCCC
2014- International Award for Environment
2014- member organization  accredited to Global Citynets
2015- Observer to UNHABITAT
2015- PNGO with Global Compact India

2015-Low Carbon Development Strategies
2016 -Global Environment Facility
2016-UNESCO- Water Digest Award on Best NGO for water Harvesting
2016-Water & sanitation for all
2016 Partner Organisation to UN Sustainable Building & construction under 2016-SCP Partner Organisation to UN Sustainable Tourism under SCP
2016 Accredited to CIVICUS
2017 Partner with Sensitize To Sanitize( S2S)
2017- Accredited to UNEP & UNEA
2017- Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee Member to Sustainable Food System managed by 10-YFP under sustainable consumption & production (SCP)  - UNEP

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Rural livelihoods & entrepreneurship development.
Forest conservation and Water Resource development and management
Combating Disaster & desertification and Climate Change
Health, sanitation, Education
Women, Child Development
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