Core Values
UDYAMA is a Non Government organization based on professional and empathetic understanding of human values and a responsive society.
UDYAMA promotes human potential development initiatives of individuals; institutions and organizations with focus on process, knowledge empowerment and creating an enabling and supportive work environment.

 Core Competencies:

The core competencies of UDYAMA lie in the following key areas. Proven capabilities in these areas are the strong points of UDYAMA, reflected in its working relationship with a variety of stakeholders.

  • Sustainable and Equitable development
  • Gender equality
  • Food security and livelihood improvement
  • Economic and political empowerment
  • Environment and natural resource base conservation
  • Democratic control over lives and livelihood
  • Community access and rights over natural resources
  • Strengthening traditional knowledge and wisdom
  • Techno managerial Support and Capacity Building
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Rural livelihoods & entrepreneurship development.
Forest conservation and Water Resource development and management
Combating Disaster & desertification and Climate Change
Health, sanitation, Education
Women, Child Development
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