Core Values
UDYAMA is a Non Government organization based on professional and empathetic understanding of human values and a responsive society.
UDYAMA promotes human potential development initiatives of individuals; institutions and organizations with focus on process, knowledge empowerment and creating an enabling and supportive work environment.

Udyama attempts consistently to stem the rot and build better the societal networks that can rejuvenate the resource base. Searching alternative process to live with dignity and deal the Next Development Challenges for a lasting solution to disaster resilient development & ecological Sustainability.

 Core Competencies:

The core competencies of UDYAMA lie in the following key areas. Proven capabilities in these areas are the strong points of UDYAMA, reflected in its working relationship with a variety of stakeholders.

  • Sustainable and Equitable development
  • Gender equality
  • Food security and livelihood improvement
  • Economic and political empowerment
  • Environment and natural resource base conservation
  • Democratic control over lives and livelihood
  • Community access and rights over natural resources
  • Strengthening traditional knowledge and wisdom
  • Techno managerial Support and Capacity Building
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