Udyama, an enabling Development Organisation, derives its name from ‘Udyama’ - an Indian term that literally means an ‘attempt’ or ‘effort’ aimed towards desired outcomes. In our case, the small effort has been a big dream towards building a resilient society that is perpetually equipped for meeting current and next development challenges.

Founded in 1997, Udyama primarily aims towards strengthening and building capacities of local communities towards rejuvenating human, ecological and economical capital and making best use of available resources, working directly with the community and also with partner Development Organisations. In doing so, the process of choice has been building ‘Community Resilience’ towards enhancing adaptation to vulnerability and changing the attitude of dependency to that of self-reliance. Udyama’s role is focused on strengthening the local community with local-specific development communication, capability building exercises and participatory tools on community resilience.

Welcome to Udyama

Udyama refers to keep on continuing efforts to go back to the roots of poverty and keep on working together towards reducing risk & vulnerability and ...
udyama bagged the Prestigious International Environmental ... www.shram.org/blogs/?p=1571 udyama has bagged the Prestigious International Environmental Award from KYOBO foundation, at Seoul. udyama has demonstrated onsite activities at source and

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