Facilitates Local Action & Global Networking

Two decades together with community, UDYAMA (www.udyama.org) facilitates an enabling environment towards resilient development in India. Little evidence based initiatives  have been reflected at ground and engaging partner NGOs , multiple stakeholders and carved out good gain knowledge on Resilience & Adaptation Process and more intend to do. Learning-Linking-Leveraging Resources to Livelihoods are the core areas that has scaled and replicated in urban, coastal, rural, tribal hinter lands. Founded in 1997 UDYAMA primarily aims towards strengthening and building capacities of local communities towards rejuvenating human, ecological, social, economical capital & well-being improvement with a view to  changing the culture of cultivating solutions towards Resilience in blending with time honored  improved technology transformation with well articulated development communication incorporating  inclusion, innovations to address next development challenges  with a broader objective :
  • To link to the broader view of Poverty & poverty alleviation that goes beyond just income
  • Highlight the crucial role of ‘local context’ and how this influences the asset base, No Action is Small, Small Is Big
  • Give space to local perspectives, Local Action - categorize the strategies that make up their livelihoods.
  • Build on what exists - integrated perspective that unites the concepts of economic development with inclusion process
  • Facilitate  Risk informed Development  & Catalyze  Agents of Change, Cultivating commitments  for insulating solutions community resilience.

Activity Verticals that connect collaborate, converge with constituents :

  • Landscape Based ecological advancement towards  larger food system
  • Community Climate adaptation to   responsive development in harmony   with Nature-Water-Culture, Crafts-Life Style ,Habitation & Settlements
  • Inclusion of Women & Children towards WASH & innovation in  Education
  • Application of Digital Learning & ICT  access , knowledge transformation 
  • Life Cycle  based   Skill Development for  sustainable communities
  • Ecosystem based Model building on wise water use & watersheds
  • Nature based adaptation  connecting to  Nutrition Fortification
  • Cross Sector Integration resolution for people & planet
  • Promoting Groups/collectives ,Farmers Field Schools, entrepreneurship
  • Mainstreaming Resilient  Process integrating with Green Energy
  • Low Carbon Development  Strategies   &  School for Carbon  minus 
  • Gearing Greening ,  local biodiversity conservation, waste recycle, reuse,
  • Advocacy on reducing  urban poverty  & city resilience
  • Minimizing  Distress Migration at source/destination
  • Practicing  Do  No Harm , Peace, Community  Harmony & Justice
  • Citizen Action on climate Justice , Fair Climate Initiatives
  • Preventing degradation, Desertification &  Ecological Sustainability
  • Mainstreaming DRR ,Minimizing  loss of lives, infrastructures
  • Undertake a circular and science-based approach to reinvent and innovate     Adaptation Process
  • Climate Change  Modeling , Institution building engaging multiple stake holders
  • Enabling environment  for PLWHIV/PDWs for elimination social   stigma discrimination
  • Result Based Management Training , Study, Research & capacity building, connecting to  networking,
Our approach aimed at providing as a catalyst  to support people to reduce disasters or vulnerabilities :
  • Prepare for, plan to withstand and recover from stresses, shocks & drudgery
  • Take in hand root causes of degradations & disasters , impacts and vulnerabilities with lasting solutions
  • Adaptive Action Research , entrepreneurships and Innovation focused on the challenges and opportunities.

Affiliations & Alliances:

With our steady and sustained effort on resilient development process, UDYAMA has bagged UNECOSOC status, Accredited to UN-Global Compact, UN-CONGO, UNISDRR, 10YFP-UNEP,CTCN UN STP, UNSBC,UNSFS, UNFCCC, GEF, UNCCD,CIVICUS, ESP, WOCAT, UNURBAN GATE-WAY, Global Citynet ,GWP ,UN FAO,IFAD, stakeholders ’forum, NIOS, GoI-NPO , TISS-CSR HUB, IICA, FICCI, CII, WCC,, weAdapt, CANSA,GNDRR, ACCCRN, WSSCC, End EWP, SAMHITA, SWA, CAF, CDRN, AADRRN, GACC, CLEAN ,SPHERE-India.  Water-Allies.  International Awardees for Environment from Kyobo Foundation, Seoul  & e-NGO  award  & Best NGO  for water harvesting  by   UNESCO.

Our Value System:

UDYAMA attempts consistently to build back better & capital building that can rejuvenate the resource base for a sustained process to live with dignity & address Next Development Challenges for a lasting solution towards resilient development & ecological Sustainability.

Key Achievements

  • 3500 nos-Micro-models on  water related projects on Harvesting, restoration & Recharge
  • 25-CBOs-engaged for Resilient  livelihoods scale-up  
  • 8000 Distress migrants registered & provided ID card
  • 2000 nos- distressed-migrant skilled &  self-engaged
  • 20 nos-women-collectives  engaged in   Nutrition farming  & Gearing Greening
  • 2000 hectares-adopted resilient-farming with science led livelihoods  towards soil carbon absorption-
  • 500-hectares-pulses -under NFSM & Soil Nutrition
  • 10000-hectares-local biodiversity-protection for carbon Sequestration, & availing  regulated forest foods/products
  • 3500-Home-solar-lighting-system part of Green energy supporting children to read more & women to do more work
  • 3500-fuel-efficient-cooking-stoves under Low emission development Strategies  [LEDS)  in minimizing Health hazards of rural women  & children
  • 45-schools practicing  sanitation, nutrition , hygiene in inculcating Environment education,
  • 200- groups engaged backyard nutrition promotion & household waste & water management
  • 05-Citizen-Action, Climate Justice/Resilience committed for undertaking action on Deepening governance on water-nature-culture- craft- lifestyle support to localizing SDGs
  • 25-onion shades leveraged  from Government as post harvest technology
  • 480-nos of treadle-pumps for  lifting water without power consumption  as part of water governance
  • 09-Biogas plant & solar-drier distributed part Renewable Energy Initiative   & part of circular economy
  • 01-nos of solar-energy-centre catering 28 HHs As part of power governance for tribal communities
  • 05 nos  FPOs   Promoted towards minimizing distress sale & market linkage and value added of local  products in western
  • 10-nos-ICT-KIOSKs for digital weather information climate risks, to undertake  risk informed  resilient  livelihoods practices
  • 90750 -COVID  Vaccine Readiness, preparedness, resilience & recovery- with added CAB protocol advocacy, undertaking social protection  campaign & immunity boosting for all

Key Strategies:

UDYAMA strives for four strategic directions to maximize livelihood diversification, risk reduction:
  • Private-Public -Partnership with various like-minded institutions/organizations for specific themes
  • Institution Building & Process Development through social and economic empowerment
  • Facilitating to enabling environment for risk reduction and livelihood promotion
  • Program diversity with value based assurance and insurance.

Co-ordination office

Pradeep Mohapatra

Team Leader

"No Work Is Small , Small Is Big", Scale for Sustainable Communities"

HIG-140/K-6/Kalinga Vihar, Bhubaneswar 751019,

Orissa, India

About udyama

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