Our Mission
Linking people together to work on rights based approach for collective actions towards reducing disaster risk (Natural, Climate and Manmade)   and  achieving livelihood,  social justice and gender rights, equitable and sustainable development

Our Vision
Contribute to the empowerment process aimed towards social change  ensuring improved quality of life through  Risk reduction and livelihood promotion interventions for lasting development 

Our Belief
UDYAMA believes in translating the actions through continued reflection and mutual learning process and adopting  sharing as a principle of development and change management. To attain the mission we at UDYAMA believe to work & grow together.

Look to Learn Learn to Know Know to show Show to grow


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Rural livelihoods & entrepreneurship development.
Forest conservation and Water Resource development and management
Combating Disaster & desertification and Climate Change
Health, sanitation, Education
Women, Child Development
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