To make more preparedness towards disaster & desertification, protect, preserve and promote biological-diversity in order to safe, secured and healthy environment & development diversity some of the following of this is given as

  • To undertake integrated development programs related to lives and livelihood of the tribal and marginalized sections

  • To strengthen community initiatives on protection, regeneration and conservation of natural resources.

  • Facilitating the advocacy process on community’s access and control over use and management of the resources.

  • To work towards strengthening the Panchayatiraj institutions..

  • To study the indigenous traditional knowledge and skills of the tribal and work for the development and improvement of their knowledge and skills.

  • To work towards effective implementation of development activities in collaboration with the Government and other resource organizations.

  • To ensure convergence of Government schemes and programmes in the action areas of the organization.

  • To promote and strengthen grass root based people’s network, at the village and regional level and helping them to ascertain their rights and socio-economic justice

  • To facilitate the development process of the region by establishing and strengthening effective networking with the NGOs.

  • To create an institutional base for capacity building of tribal and rural youths as well as young educated professionals. And above all

  • Responsive towards risk reduction and protection & promotion of livelihoods from recurrent disaster.

To Link to the broader view of poverty and poverty alleviation that goes beyond just income poverty to include empowerment, capability and health etc.
• Highlight the crucial role of ‘ local context’ (especially vulnerability context) – and how this influences the asset base, the selection of livelihood strategies, and the outcomes for households.
Give space to local perspectives - categorize the strategies that make up their livelihoods.
Build on what exists - a multidimensional, integrated perspective that unites the concepts of economic development, reduced vulnerability and environmental sustainability
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Udyama is a food security and sustainable rural livelihoods focused action and advocacy

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