Pathways to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond

COVID-19 disaster has made everybody leveler & more than 200 countries have grossly impacted & risk is systemic, and crises are cascading. Disasters are rapidly producing further disaster to become more complex and deadly. Everyone is affected, but not everyone is affected equally. The elderly, people living with disabilities, migrant workers and the poor and marginalised are most vulnerable. The only solution is, prevention followed by protection & provision, prepositioning readiness. Prevention saves lives. The core message – “Prevention saves lives” – will be linked to other key messages about systemic risk and cascading disasters and protection of the dignity of stranded & provide humanitarian response without bias of class culture, creed and community on how we need to recover and build back better  & think forward to resilience and promote  nature based solutions & initiatives to accelerate to enhance immunity with better nutrition,  health boosters, safe water, hygiene, & building capacities & strengthening  adaptation capability  of building social, cultural, natural, ecological and economical capital in order to improve wellbeing to address the next development challenges of  climate  change & global warming vulnerabilities, disaster risks recurrently.


Together with  network  the member of civil societies ([email protected] & Corona Civil Society Response) UDYAMA has responded  COVID-19 pandemic as one of the members  in action  &  to  influencing policy   for  entitlements  to extend possible extent  humanitarian  services looking ahead of criticality, humanitarian response

  • Circulating government advisory for social & physical distancing, stay home, hand washing, stay  isolation & house Quarantine
  • psycho-Social counseling & behavioral change for stranded & returned migrants
  • monitoring the entitlement
  • Sanitizer, Mask other basic requirements during quarantine
  • Strategic support to government for community resilience

Now community response is well. Looking at whole gamut of COVID-19 & further vulnerability mitigation  there has  a  dire need for  short &long term action and stand enough towards sustainable communities  & to meet the forth coming  climate crisis ,vulnerability. 

Following few things need now & beyond COVID-19   for returned migrants, stranded labours, women, children, disabilities, wage earners daily labourers , slum dwellers to address hunger, saving lives & of rebuilding livelihoods:

There are three major pathways  to make communities Resilient now & we look forward to Beyond COVID-19:

  1. Humanitarian Response to support   for retuned migrants,  stranded labours on COVID19 Pandemic ( Food & nutrition Kit, Dignity  kit for women & adolescents, School kit children , Preventive kit for front line workers, agro-Kit for farmers with  micro-nutrition supplements/ health boosters, setting up  call centres for IEC, employable  skill  building , area sanitization by drone.
  2. Building Community Assets & Promotion of ecosystem based climate change resilient integrated livelihood models   connecting community with saving life  & security  on food water, culture , nature ,nutrition, hygiene, sanitation ,  lifestyle , education on environment, circular economy , green energy & low carbon development strategies, technology transfer  & familiarisation  of   sustainable food system as part of innovation.      
  • Enabling Environment & Setting up institutional process for learning, management and sustainability that includes Community institution building, Knowledge transformation, scaling up ,Call centres (Resource Hub) & ICT, Employable Skill building for women, youths as inclusion , connecting to Farmers Producers Organisation on processing , value addition, marketing towards Eco-prenures

This COVID-19 Pandemic crisis has given us a huge opportunity to rethink the way we work, educate our children, and even our cultural customs & to realign towards social, economic, environmental sustainability. The scale of the disaster requires new ways of working, and innovative partnerships to ensure interventions go to scale and efforts to prevent transmission, where impact will be greatest & ensure to combating climate crisis as   people first “The Future We Want”.

Thus we must invest our best effort, time & resources towards people & planet. Your Support & Solidarity at this critical time for any initiatives in Small or Big in number. Be Kind, Be Generous to extend support:


  • Options one: Support for   Poor Retuned Distressed Migrants in Special Project for  four districts in  20 blocks  in Western Odisha
  • Option two:- Support for   Poor Retuned Distressed Migrants in selected blocks of  ASPIRATION 10 districts of Odisha   
  • Option three: Support for FANI affected areas of coastal communities     during last year
  • Support slum dwellers/stranded labourers at Bhubaneswar


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