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Facilitates Local Action & Global networking towards risk informed resilient development, livelihoods and climate adaptation added with inclusion and innovations towards contributing to acheive SDGs. All our initiatives are linking to pro-poor, pro-people and planet.

Major activities we work with communities in rural, tribal and urban areas
  • Science led Food and nutrition security
  • Landscape advancement and Ecosystem services
  • WASH for children and women
  • Local Biodivercity conservation, Green energy and carbon absorption
  • Disaster risk reduction and resilience building
  • Climate justice and community adaptation
  • Circular economy and sustainable communities
  • Employable skill building, Education and lifestyle
  • Covid-19 & climate crisis pathways.

Broader Objective

• To link to the broader view of Poverty & poverty alleviation that goes beyond just income
• Highlight the crucial role of ‘local context’ and how this influences the asset base, No Action is Small, Small Is Big  ,
• Give space to local perspectives, Local Action - categorize the strategies that make up their livelihoods.
• Build on what exists - integrated perspective that unites the concepts of economic development with inclusion process,
• Facilitate  Risk informed Development  &  Catalyze  Agents of Change ,
• Cultivating commitments  for insulating solutions community resilience

"No Work Is Small, Small Is Big"

UDYAMA – The Organisation

Founded in 1997, Udyama aims at strengthening and building capacities of local communities for rejuvenating ecological, economical and human capital by making optimum and sustainable use of local resources, working directly with the community and partner development organisations. In doing so, the process of choice has been building ‘Community Resilience’ enhancing adaptations to vulnerability and changing the attitude from dependency to self-reliance. Udyama’s role is focused on strengthening the local community through development communication, capability building exercises and participatory tools.  

UDYAMA Glocal International Pvt Ltd

To garner 25 years of local action of UDYAMA together with Community , UDYAMA Glocal International (OPC)Pvt Ltd. has emerged  to generate income for community   to  undertake ecosystem services action & advocacy to influence policy  to address  sustainability  &    to  minimize charity or grant  that UDYAMA does rather to promote entrepreneurship in order to  give back community  in the form of revenue generation  to advance Development & Sustainability with  to a new approach for ecology & economy.

Please do connect “Community Based Preparedness for COVID & Climate Crisis : Readiness , Response,Recovery & Resilience”

Awards & Accolades

Udyama bagged "RAJIV GANDHI SADBHAWANA AWARD" as the best NGO for the year 2006-07 in the field of Rural reconstruction and Enviornment from the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi fouundation, New Delhi.  The award was given on 21st may 2006 by the Hon'ble Governor of Orissa,  his Exelency Sj. Rameswar Thakur. The function was organised by the Rajiv gandhi Foroum, Orissa.

Key Achievements

  • 3500 nos-Micro-models on water project, Dug well, Percolation tanks, Community ponds, Water harvesting, Water recharge, Landscape development, Water conservation.
  • 25-CBOs-federating-together livelihoods scale-up  
  • 2000 nos- distressed-migrant  self-engaged
  • 200 nos-women-collectives  engaged 
  • 20000 hectares-adopted resilient-farming-
  • 500-hectares-pulses -under NFSM  
  • 1000-hectares-local biodiversity-protection,
  • 2500-Home-solar-lighting-system for women,
  • 3000-fuel-efficient-cooking-stoves under LEDS
  • 45-schoolspracticing  sanitation, nutrition hygiene  
  • 200-women-groups  in  backyard nutrition
  • 15-Citizen-Action, Climate Justice/Resilience
  • 25-onion shades leveraged  from Government  
  • 480-nos of treadle-pumps for cropping
  • 09-Biogas plant & solar-drier distributed
  • 01-nos of solar-energy-centre catering 28 HHs  
  • 200-nos ultra-poor  linked to 5 FPOs
  • 10-nos-ICT-KIOSKsweather information climate risks
  • 10-nos-ICT-KIOSKs for digital weather information climate risks, to undertake  risk informed  resilient  livelihoods practices
  • 90750 -COVID  Vaccine Readiness, preparedness, resilience & recovery- with added CAB protocol advocacy, undertaking social protection  campaign & immunity boosting for all
we are grateful to your valued support, contributions, suggestions inputs, insights, in connecting community for better resilience and adaptation. please be part of it.

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Volunteer with us and you'll join a powerful movement of people united by one goal - a better tomorrow. Be with community to make them resilient. Share your skills and experties. No action is small.

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Together we can do wonder. Please be with us. Join hands today to make a resilient society.

If you want to be remembered, do something memorable, do different things, Positive deliverable and differently.

If you want to live a memorable life, you have to be the kind of person who ... Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.
To make more preparedness and pro-active led towards disaster & desertification, protect, preserve and promote biological-diversity in order to safe, secure and sustainbility.
We urge broad based livelihood promotion. putting four strategic directions to address in reducing risk and vulnerability.
Udyama attempts consistently to stem rot and built back better. The social networks that can resuvinate resources base towards sustainable communities searching alternative procces to live with diginity and deal with Next Development Challenges. For a lasting solutions to risk informed development mainting coherence and commitment to resilient livilihoods and ecological sustainbility.
Udyama is an enabling and Development Organization facilitating small efforts of the communities with a big dream towards a resilient society that is capable of mitigating the current development gaps while sowing the seeds, nurturing to grow and meeting the next development challenges.  Thus, Udyama’s  Vision  lies  in  the  its  value  that  small,  specific  scale, SMART  and  sustainable  (SSSSS)  efforts  can  bring  about  the  desired  change  in building a Resilient Society.
Linking people together to work with main stream resources towards rights based approach and influence policy for collective actions towards reducing disaster risk (Natural, Climate and humanmade) and achieving resilient livelihood.

Udyama has been undertaking and facilitating modest attempts in a sustained manner, primarily to restore the networks  that  can  rejuvenate  the  resource  base.  Additionally,  it  empowers  the  communities  in  searching alternative means to live with dignity  and  face  the  ‘Next  Development Challenges’  for  a  lasting  solution  to risk  informed  disaster  resilient development  and  adaptation   to climate   change   vulnerabilities through  a  process  of  participation, learning  and  positive  action.  In addition, Udyama  has  embraced integrated  and  convergent  action, meticulously  embedded  into  the community-led   programmes   for mitigating  related  issues  to  address broad based livelihoods like WASH, bringing  innovation  &  inclusion  in Ecosystem  based  adaptations,  Life skill building, green energy education, nutrition,    local    biodiversity conservation , entrepreneurship  and health  that  have  a  significant influence on the lives& livelihoods of the  poor  in  both  rural  and  urban settings.
Udyama is one of the accredited observers to the Green Climate fund.

Covid-19 & Beyond

Pathways To  Combat COVID-19 &  Beyond:  To address  COVID-19 & Multiple Pandemics of recurrent climate-induced disasters,   Urgently is required the resilience pathways to strengthen health systems to save lives but there has need to trigger Food System, WASH System, Immunity & Nutrition System, Education system with regard to economies & livelihoods for all as inclusion.  Your generous support all to leave no one behind   &  support in contributing SDGs. Be kind to extend support

Program Focus Areas for UDYAMA

Our small actions, reflections and advocacy to influence policy for practice; Can Say A Lot About us. Please donate for a cause to avail a tax benefit.

Must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and seds praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teaching; you may donate generousely on;
  • WASH for children and women
  • Food and nutrition
  • Disaster risk reduction and resilience building
  • Climate justice and community adaptation
  • Employable skill building and education
    50% money goes for Food and Nutrition Donation in Odisha
    30% money goes for Educational Fund in Odisha
    15% money goes for Health Donation in Odisha
Going back to Roots-Root is the symbol of base/ beginning to resilience and adaptations. It also holds good for strength and stands for the underlying causes of happenings, events, processes that determine the dimensions, depth and development of life.Digging deeper towards depenig governance on food, water, nutrition, energy and local bio divercity and capitalizing mainstream resources impact to livelihoods and climate justice, connecting community to social, ecologocal, human, economical capital building as people and planet matter to next development challanges.

Support to youth dropouts on Free Computer Training and digital learning Course In Association with Sai Solutions

Sai Solution is an organization which helps and influences the socially and economically backward class children in unlocking their true and hidden potential by training them in Internet applications, computer system, and its applications. The student from this society are also trained mentally to cope up with the pace of digital world and are provided with basic needs and support from the organization as its goal is to make self-independent individuals out of these students as they are the future generation of innovation. All of the teaching and training are made available to them free of cost.

Co-ordination office

Pradeep Mohapatra

Team Leader

"No Work Is Small , Small Is Big", Scale for Sustainable Communities"

HIG-140/K-6/Kalinga Vihar, Bhubaneswar 751019,

Orissa, India

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