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Udyama is registered to 80G under Income Tax Exemption Act.
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Forest conservation and Water Resource development and management
Combating Disaster & desertification and Climate Change
Health, sanitation, Education
Women, Child Development
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Udyama refers to keep on continuing efforts to go back to the roots of poverty and keep on working together towards reducing risk & vulnerability and promoting livelihoods through rejuvenating the resource base  with an empowerment and enabling process.

udyama envisages to mitigate disaster risk management and protection of Environment in rural, coastal and urban areas for social  and entrepreneurship development.

Reality transformation and providing techno managerial support to all sections for a change management and development through advocacy and capacity building inputs is the crux of Udyam initiatives

Orissa is having serene atmosphere with varied topography combined with diversity of culture, climate, habits and habitats followed by concerns and compassion on living together with rich resource. Living in harmony with nature dwindled gradually and rich resource including coasts has become under and less utilization due to internal and external pressure...  find more facts
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Udyama, an enabling Development Organisation, derives its name from ‘Udyama’ - an Indian term that literally means an ‘attempt’ or ‘effort’ aimed towards desired outcomes. In our case, the small effort has been a big dream towards building a resilient society that is perpetually equipped for meeting current and next development challenges...Know More


Udyama bagged "RAJIV GANDHI SADBHAWANA AWARD" as the best NGO for the year 2006-07 in the field of Rural reconstruction and Enviornment from the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi fouundation, New Delhi.  The award was given on 21st may 2006 by the Hon'ble Governor of Orissa,  his Exelency Sj. Rameswar Thakur. The function was organised by the Rajiv gandhi Foroum, Orissa.

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Funds Received:

Udyam has received Rs 13,39,200 towards sustainable livehoods initiatives in Odisha from ICCO COOPRATION, Post Box-8190,3503 RD, Utrecht, Netherlands,, web: ,on dated 16-03-2016

Major Activities are

bullet  Rural livelihoods & entrepreneurship development.
bullet  Forest conservation and Water Resource development and management
bullet  Combating Disaster & desertification and Climate Change
bullet  Health, sanitation, Education
bullet  Women, Child Development

Fragmented ecology, undulated terrain, Erratic rainfall followed by increased frequency of disasters is  severely affecting the economy of Orissa. This situation has arisen as a result of in-adequate conservation practices, poor technical know how on productivity which further has crippled problem on food security, community health & hygiene , mass education, drinking water, sanitation and above all on livelihood fronts. Concerns and  inputs for capacity building on  resource management has deteriorated drastically resulting in rampant migration; women and child trafficking is emerging as a serious concern everyday.  More Details

Going back to Roots-Root is the symbol of base/ beginning. It also holds good for strength and stands for the underlying causes of happenings, events, processes that determine the dimensions, depth and development of life...  More Details

Strengthening Community  Forest Management (CFM) Initiatives
UDYAMA promotes protection, management and conservation of natural forest, if necessary UDYAMA considers taking confidence of community and coming together for planting of trees of miscellaneous nature.  Click here to know more about case studies


Accrediated to UNECOSOC, UNGlobal Compact,UNCCD, UNISDR,UNFCCC & UNEP, GEF

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